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First Artificial Life Form Created
How momentous is this occasion? Do we crack open the Champagne or do we fear for all our futures?  

To what end has this been created?  Just to see if they could or did they have a purpose in mind?  Of course there are many applications that all the noggins are thinking up right now. Not just Noggins but also Corporations. Surely they have now found a way of generating something out of next to nothing. How can one not get filthy and immorally rich from that?  

Scientists are likening this breakthrough to the splitting of the atom and we all know what came from that. Some wonderful but even more ugly consequences were let loose upon the world. A world that changed for ever and what will we see happen now?  I am so curious as to what they will use this for.  They are still vague but we will see the results before long.

Whether or not it will make our lives richer and happier remains to be seen but if History is a gauge, we are in for some particularly nasty developments that will change this world for ever.


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